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KVM : Create Virtual Machines (GUI)2024/05/09

If you installed Desktop Environment, it's possible to create a Virtual machine on GUI.
This example shows to install Windows Server 2022 on GUI.
[1] Install required packages.
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y install virt-manager
[2] Start Desktop and run [Virtual Machine Manager] with root privilege.
[3] Click [New] button (it's just the PC-icon on upper-left) and open a wizard to create a new Virtual Machine.
[4] Specify the installation source.
[5] Select Installation media or ISO image, and specify OS type and version.
Generally OS type and version are specified automatically from Installation media, but if not, specify it manually.
[6] Specify the amount of memory and number of virtual CPUs.
[7] Specify the amount of disk, and also its' Path if you set custom Path. (default is [/var/lib/libvirt/images])
[8] Input Virtual Machine's name and also confirm selections.
[9] Windows installer starts.
[10] Installation finished and Windows Server 2022 is running.
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