dnf : DNF Command Reference
install install package
reinstall re-install installed package
upgrade upgrade package
downgrade downgrade package
remove uninstall package
list list packages
group Process by group
# dnf group install "Package Group"
Install [Package Group]
# dnf group list
Show full list of groups
module Process by module
# dnf module list package
Display a list of available modules for [package]
# dnf module list
Show all available modules list
# dnf module install mariadb:10.5/server
Install [server] profile of [mariadb] version [10.5]
check-update Show updatable packages
# dnf check-update package
Show updatable packages for [package]
# dnf check-update
Show all updatable packages
search Search for packages by keyword (partial match)
# dnf search keyword
Display packages that include [keyword] in the package name or package summary
repoquery Search for packages by keyword (exact match)
# dnf repoquery package
Show all packages with package name [package]
info Display package summary information
download Download package to current directory
provides Display which package contains the file specified as an argument
# dnf provides libgcc_s.so.1
Display which package contains [libgcc_s.so.1]
history Displays package processing history such as updates
repolist Display list of configured repositories
shell Enter interaction mode

-y Answer [yes] to all questions
--enablerepo=repo Temporarily enable the specified repository
# dnf --enablerepo=repo install package
Enable [repo] repository and install [package]
--disablerepo=repo Temporarily disable the specified repository
--showduplicates Show all available versions
--deplist Display including dependent packages
--installroot=[path] Specify installation root
# dnf --installroot=/chroot install package
Install [package] using the [/chroot] directory as the installation root
--exclude=package Exclude specific packages
--releasever=VER Temporarily change the $releasever value in the configuration file
# dnf ---releasever=8.2 install package
Install [package] from the [8.2] release