Fedora 24
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Configure NTP Client : Fedora
[1] It's the time synchronization way on Fedora Client.
[root@client ~]#
dnf -y install ntpdate
[root@client ~]#
ntpdate dlp.srv.world

22 Jun 19:57:38 ntpdate[1239]: adjust time server offset -0.000014 sec
Configure NTP Client : Windows
It's the time synchronization way on Windows Client. This example shows on Windows 10.
[2] Open "Date and Time" fron Control panel.
[3] Move to "Internet Time" tab and click "Change settings" button.
[4] Input your NTP server's hostname or IP address and click "Update now" button.
[5] If it's OK all, the message that the time synchronization finished normally is displayed.
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