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oVirt 4.5 : Add oVirt Compute Nodes2024/02/21

Add oVirt Compute Nodes.
To add Compute Nodes, it's possible to handle more virtual machines.
On this example, add [node01.srv.world] to existing oVirt Cluster like follows.
+-----------------------+          |          +-----------------------+
|   [   Admin Node   ]  | || [    oVirt Engine   ] |
|    dlp.srv.world      +----------+----------+     ctrl.srv.world    |
|                       |          |          |                       |
+-----------------------+          |          +-----------------------+
+-----------------------+          |          +-----------------------+
| [   Shared Storage  ] | ||  [   oVirt Node    ]  |
|     nfs.srv.world     +----------+----------+   node01.srv.world    |
|                       |                     |                       |
+-----------------------+                     +-----------------------+

[1] Install some packages on a new Node.
[root@node01 ~]#
dnf -y install centos-release-ovirt45

[root@node01 ~]#
dnf -y install qemu-kvm libvirt virt-install vdsm cockpit
[root@node01 ~]#
systemctl enable --now libvirtd cockpit.socket

[2] Access to oVirt Admin Portal, and Click [Compute] - [Hosts] on the left pane.
[3] Click [New] button on the top of right pane.
Input information of Node you'd like to add.
Required items are Hostname or IP address of target Node and authentication method (password or SSH key-pair).
For authentication method, it selects SSH key-pair on this example.
Select [SSH Public Key], then SSH Public Key contents are displayed on the right box, copy all text and paste to [/root/.ssh/authorized_keys] on target new Node, then it's possible to use SSH key-pair authentication.
[5] Configure [Power Management]. This feature enables on hardwares which has IPMI.
So if your Machine corresponds, configure, or if not, Click [OK] to proceed without configuring it.
[6] After adding a new Compute Node, required tasks are run, so [Status] turns to [Installing].
The configuration task will takes some time.
[7] After successfully finishing configuration tasks, [Status] turns to [Up], That's OK to add a new Compute Node.
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