CentOS Stream 8
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.NET Core 5.0 : Install
Install .NET Core 5.0.
[1] It's possible to install .NET Core from AppStream.
[root@dlp ~]#
dnf -y install dotnet-runtime-5.0 dotnet-sdk-5.0 dotnet-targeting-pack-5.0 dotnet-templates-5.0 dotnet-hostfxr-5.0

Dependencies resolved.
 Package                          Arch      Version          Repository    Size
 dotnet-hostfxr-5.0               x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream    155 k
 dotnet-runtime-5.0               x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream     27 M
 dotnet-sdk-5.0                   x86_64    5.0.104-2.el8    appstream     48 M
 dotnet-targeting-pack-5.0        x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream    2.4 M
 dotnet-templates-5.0             x86_64    5.0.104-2.el8    appstream    2.0 M
Installing dependencies:
 aspnetcore-runtime-5.0           x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream    6.5 M
 aspnetcore-targeting-pack-5.0    x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream    1.4 M
 dotnet-apphost-pack-5.0          x86_64    5.0.4-2.el8      appstream    3.8 M

Transaction Summary
Install  8 Packages

[root@dlp ~]#
dotnet --version


# verify to create Hello World

[root@dlp ~]#
dotnet new console -o helloworld

Welcome to .NET 5.0!
SDK Version: 5.0.104

Installed an ASP.NET Core HTTPS development certificate.
To trust the certificate run 'dotnet dev-certs https --trust' (Windows and macOS only).
Learn about HTTPS: https://aka.ms/dotnet-https
Write your first app: https://aka.ms/dotnet-hello-world
Find out what's new: https://aka.ms/dotnet-whats-new
Explore documentation: https://aka.ms/dotnet-docs
Report issues and find source on GitHub: https://github.com/dotnet/core
Use 'dotnet --help' to see available commands or visit: https://aka.ms/dotnet-cli
Getting ready...
The template "Console Application" was created successfully.

Processing post-creation actions...
Running 'dotnet restore' on helloworld/helloworld.csproj...
  Determining projects to restore...
  Restored /root/helloworld/helloworld.csproj (in 97 ms).
Restore succeeded.

[root@dlp ~]#
cd helloworld

[root@dlp helloworld]#
dotnet run

Hello World!
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