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File Server : Install Resource Manager2022/02/10

Install File Server Resource Manager that enables high level managements for resources on File Server.
[1] Run PowerShell with Admin Privilege and Install.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# install Resource Manager with admin tools
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Install-WindowsFeature FS-Resource-Manager -IncludeManagementTools 

Success Restart Needed Exit Code      Feature Result
------- -------------- ---------      --------------
True    No             Success        {File Server Resource Manager, Remote Serv...
File Server : Install Resource Manager (GUI)
On GUI installation, set like follows.
[2] Refer to the installation procedure of [Add roles and features].
For a different point of installing Resource Manager, Select [File Server Resource Manager] on [Select server roles] section like follows.
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