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Remote Desktop : Create Session Collections2021/12/20

Create Session Collections to manage Remote Desktop Service.
[1] Logon as an user who are in [Domain Admins] group and Run PowerShell with Admin Privilege.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# create a session collection
# -CollectionName (any collection name)
# -CollectionDescription (any collection description)
# -SessionHost (session server's hostname or IP address)
# -ConnectionBroker (connection broker's hostname or IP address)
PS C:\Users\serverworld> New-RDSessionCollection -CollectionName "" `
-CollectionDescription "Session collection for" `
-SessionHost @("") `
-ConnectionBroker ""

# confirm settings
PS C:\Users\serverworld> Get-RDSessionCollection 

CollectionName                 Size  ResourceType       CollectionType    CollectionDescription
--------------                 ----  ------------       --------------    ---------------------                 1     Remote Desktop     PooledUnmanaged   Session collection for

# confirm access permission
# [Domain Users] group is allowed by default
PS C:\Users\serverworld> Get-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration `
-CollectionName "" `
-UserGroup -ConnectionBroker "" 

CollectionName                 UserGroup
--------------                 ---------                 {FD3S01\Domain Users}

# if you'd like to allow more users ot groups, set like follows
# set configuration to specify AD users or groups
PS C:\Users\serverworld> Set-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration -CollectionName "" `
-UserGroup @("FD3S01\Domain Users","FD3S01\Redhat","FD3S01\Debian") 

PS C:\Users\serverworld> Get-RDSessionCollectionConfiguration -CollectionName "" `
-UserGroup -ConnectionBroker "" 

CollectionName                 UserGroup
--------------                 ---------                 {FD3S01\Domain Users, FD3S01\Redhat, FD3S01\Debian}
Remote Desktop : Create Session Collections (GUI)
On GUI configuration, set like follows.
[2] Run Server Manager and Select [Remote Desktop Services] on the left pane, next Click [(3) Create session collections] on the right pane.
[3] Click [Next] button.
[4] Set any session collection name and description you like.
[5] Specify Remote Desktop session Host server. The servers in the Domain are listed, select from them.
[6] Specify users or groups you allow to access to session collection. [Domain Users] group is allowed by default like follows.
[7] Specify user profile disks. If enabled, it's possible to use the same settings on other environment.
[8] Confirm selections and click [Create] button if that's OK.
[9] After finishing all successfully, click [Close] button.
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