Windows 2022
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SQL Server 2022 : SQL Server Services2023/01/19

  SQL Server related Services are like follows. (Instance name or Account name are all default one)
Service Name Service Account (Default) Description
SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher NT Service\MSSQLFDLauncher Provides Full-text search
SQL Server NT Service\MSSQLSERVER SQL Server Relational Database Engine Service
SQL Server Analysis Services NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService Supplies online analytical processing (OLAP) for business intelligence applications
SQL Server Analysis Services CEIP NT Service\SSASTELEMETRY CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) for Analysis Services
SQL Server Browser NT AUTHORITY\LocalService Provides SQL Server connection information to client computers
SQL Server CEIP service NT Service\SQLTELEMETRY CEIP for Database Engine Service
SQL Server Distributed Replay Client NT Service\SQL Server Distributed Replay Client Provides Distributed Replay Client feature
SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller NT Service\SQL Server Distributed Replay Controller Provides Distributed Replay Controller feature
SQL Server Integration Services 16.0 NT Service\MsDtsServer160 Provides management support Integration Services package storage and execution
SQL Server Integration Services CEIP NT Service\SSISTELEMETRY160 CEIP for Integration Services
SQL Server Integration Services Scale Out Master 16.0 NT Service\SSISScaleOutMaster160 Manage Scale Out System by SSIS DB catalog
SQL Server Integration Services Scale Out Worker 16.0 NT Service\SSISScaleOutWorker160 Execute local package to pull tasks from Scale Out Master
SQL Server VSS Writer NT AUTHORITY\System Provides the interface to backup and restore SQL Server through the Windows VSS
SQL Server Agent NT Service\SQLSERVERAGENT Execute jobs, monitoring SQL Server and so on

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