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SQL Server 2022 : Preparation2023/01/13

Install SQL Server 2022 to build Database Server.
Refer to the Microsoft Site about details of SQL Server 2022.
To use SQL Server 2022, read license terms well.
Download an Edition of SQL Server Installer which you'd like to use.
After running EXE file you did download, we download ISO file for SQL Server installation on this example.
[2] Run PowerShell to download an ISO media.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# run the EXE you did download to download an ISO media
# [/Mediapath=***] ⇒ target folder to download
PS C:\Users\Administrator> .\SQL2022-SSEI-Eval.exe /Action=Download /Mediatype=ISO /Language=en-US /Mediapath=C:\Users\Administrator /Verbose /Quiet 

Microsoft (R) SQL Server Installer
Copyright (c) 2022 Microsoft.  All rights reserved.

Operation finished with result: Success

Download successful!
  Download Directory
[3] On GUI operation, Click EXE file you did download, then following window is shown.
Then, Click [Download Media] to download SQL Server installation ISO media.
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