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DHCP Server : Configure DHCP Server2021/12/25

Configure installed DHCP Server.
On this example, it shows only the case for IPv4 configuration.
On CUI configuration, set like follows.
By the way, if your Server to install DHCP is stand-alone Server, it's OK to logon to configure with local Administrator account, however, if your Server is in Active Directory Domain, Authorization from AD is required to configure DHCP Server as valid Server, so logon to configure with a user that is AD Domain user in Domain Admin group.
[1] Run PowerShell with Admin Privilege and Configure.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# add security group for DHCP
PS C:\Users\Serverworld> Add-DhcpServerSecurityGroup -ComputerName "" 

# if this computer is in AD domain, run the command below to get authorization from AD
PS C:\Users\Serverworld> Add-DhcpServerInDC -DnsName "" -IPAddress -PassThru 

IPAddress            DnsName
---------            ------- 

# add a Scope for IPv4
# [-Name] ⇒ any name you like
# [-StartRange] ⇒ start IP address for lease
# [-EndRange] ⇒ end IP address for lease
# [-LeaseDuration] ⇒ lease period [day.hrs:mins:secs] (if not specified, default is 8 days)
PS C:\Users\Serverworld> Add-DhcpServerv4Scope -Name "Internal Network" `
-StartRange `
-EndRange `
-SubnetMask `
-LeaseDuration 8.00:00:00 `
-State Active `

ScopeId         SubnetMask      Name           State    StartRange      EndRange        LeaseDuration
-------         ----------      ----           -----    ----------      --------        -------------   Internal Ne... Active      8.00:00:00

# set Domain Name, DNS Server, Gateway(Router) to the Scope
PS C:\Users\Serverworld> Set-DhcpServerv4OptionValue -DnsDomain "" `
-DnsServer "" `
-Router "" `
-ScopeId "" `

OptionId   Name            Type       Value                VendorClass     UserClass       PolicyName
--------   ----            ----       -----                -----------     ---------       ----------
15         DNS Domain Name String     {}
3          Router          IPv4Add... {}
6          DNS Servers     IPv4Add... {}

PS C:\Users\Serverworld> Restart-Service DHCPServer 
WARNING: Waiting for service 'DHCP Server (DHCPServer)' to start...
DHCP Server : Configure DHCP Server (GUI)
On GUI installation, set like follows.
[2] Run Server Manager and Click [DHCP] on the left menu and next, Click [More...] link which is upper-right.
[3] Click [Complete DHCP configuration] link which is upper-right.
[4] Click [Next] button.
[5] If your Server is Stand-Alone Server, select [Skip AD authorization] and Click [Commit] button.
If your Server is in AD Domain, current user is set automatically for AD authorization however, if you'd like to change it, set a user for AD authorization and Click [Commit] button.
[6] After successing authorization normally, click [Close] button.
[7] Back to Server Manager and open [Tools] - [DHCP].
[8] Right-Click [IPv4] on the left pane and select [New Scope...].
[9] Click [Next] button.
[10] Input any name and decsription for this scope.
[11] Input IP address range for lease and subnet mask.
[12] If you'd like to exclude specific IP addresses from the range set in previous section, Configure it on here.
[13] Input lease duration.
[14] Click [Next] button.
[15] Input default gateway of your network.
[16] Input Domain name and DNS server of your network.
If your Server is in AD Domain, it set automatically, make sure it and proceed next.
[17] Input WINS Server. It's OK to keep empty here if you don't need it.
[18] Click [Next] button.
[19] Click [Finish] button to complete configuration.
[20] New DHCP Scope has been added.
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