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Windows Server Backup : Restoring System2022/12/23

If Windows has some troubles or never start, Restoring System from Backup like follows.
It needs Windows Installation media.
[1] Set Windows Installation media on your computer and restart it. After displaying the screen like follows, Click [Next] button.
[2] Click [Repair your computer].
[3] Click [Troubleshoot].
[4] If Backups exist in local disk on your computer, Click [System Image Recovery]. If Backups exist on remote computer, Click [Command Prompt] to enable networking.
[5] Input [wpeinit] command to enable networking. If DHCP server exists in your local network, IP address is assigned and networking is enabled.
[6] If DHCP server does not exist in your local network, set static IP address like follows.
⇒ netsh interface ip set address (interface number) static (IP address) (subnet mask) (default gateway)
[7] After enabling networking if needed, Click [System Image Recovery].
[8] Click [Windows Server].
[8] If Backups don't exist on local disk, following message is shown. Click [Cancel] button.
[9] Click [Next] button.
[10] Click [Adbanced...] button.
[11] Click [Search for a system image on the network].
[12] Read well the wargings and Click [Yes] button.
[13] Specify the location of Backup Image and Click [OK] button.
[14] Input credentials to access to shared folder if needed.
[15] Click [Next] button.
[16] Select the date of backup to recover the System.
[17] Choose addtional restore oprions.
[18] Click [Finish] button to start recovery task.
[19] Read well the wargings and Click [Yes] button.
[20] Recovery task starts.
[21] After finishing recovery task, computer will restart automatically. That's OK if Windows would start normally.
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