Windows 2022
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Windows Admin Center : Add Target Hosts2022/12/22

Add Target Hosts on Windows Admin Center.
[1] Logon to Windows Admin Center and Click [+ Add] link.
[2] Select the type of resource you'd like to add. It selects [Servers] on this example.
[3] Input the hostname in [Server name] field you'd like to add.
If the Gateway server of Windows Admin Center and target Host are in the same AD domain and also you logon to Windows Admin Center web console as a domain user who in in [Domain Admins], you don't need to input more information.
However, for other cases like follows, you need to input administrator credencials to authenticate to the target Host.
[4] If successfully authenticating, target Host is added on the list. To click to the hostname, you can enter the configuration site of the Host.
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