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Remote Desktop : Publish RemoteApp2020/12/15

Publish RemoteApp to connect to applications remotely from client computers.
[1] Logon with an user who are in [Domain Admins] group and Run PowerShell with Admin Privilege.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# for example, publish Server Manager application
# -CollectionName (collection name you created)
# -DisplayName (any display name)
# -FilePath (Path of the program you publish)
PS C:\Users\serverworld> New-RDRemoteApp -CollectionName "" `
-DisplayName "ServerManager" `
-FilePath "C:\Windows\System32\ServerManager.exe" 

# confirm settings
PS C:\Users\serverworld> Get-RDRemoteApp -CollectionName "" 

CollectionName Alias          DisplayName              FilePath                         ShowIn CommandLin RequiredC UserGroups
                                                                                        WebAcc eSetting   ommandLin
                                                                                        ess               e
-------------- -----          -----------              --------                         ------ ---------- --------- ---------- ServerManager  ServerManager            C:\Windows\System32\ServerMan... True   DoNotAllow
Remote Desktop : Publish RemoteApp (GUI)
On GUI configuration, Do like follows.
[2] Run Server Manager and Click Session Collection name you created in previous section.
(on the example below, it's [])
[3] Click [Publish RemoteApp programs] on the right pane.
[4] Check boxes of programs you'd like to publish. It selects [Server Manager] on this example.
[5] Click [Publish] button to apply settings.
[6] Click [Close] button to finish settings.
[7] After publishing, published programs are displayed on the list like follows.
For connecting to apps from Clients, refer to the next section.
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