Windows 2019
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Remote Desktop : Enable Multi Sessions2020/12/15

There are 3 modes on Remote Desktop License.
Admin mode : It's possible to run 2 administrative sessions including the console session and also it does not require Remote Desktop Client Access Licenses (RD CALs).
Per User mode : It requires an RD CAL for each unique user.
Per Device mode : It requires an RD CAL for each unique device.
It needs to order RD CALs if you will use on per User mode or per Device mode.
By default, Windows Server restricts to a single RDP session as well as Client Windows OS but it's possbie to set 2 sessions like follows.
[1] Open [Run] and input [gpedit.msc] to run local group policy editor.
[2] Open [Administrative Templates] - [Windows Components] - [Remote Desktop Services] - [Remote Desktop Session Host] - [Connections] on the left pane and Click to open [Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services session].
[3] Check a box [Disabled] and Click [OK] button.
[4] That's OK, it's possbile to connect to RDP with 2 sessions, but if more than 3 sessions, connections will be restricted like follows.
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