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Python : Install2019/09/12

Install Python for Windows.
[1] Run PowerShell with Admin Privilege and Install.
Make sure the version of Python you'd like to install on the official site below.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# download
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "" -OutFile "python-3.7.4-amd64.exe" 

# install (to System Wide + set PATH)
PS C:\Users\Administrator> .\python-3.7.4-amd64.exe /quiet InstallAllUsers=1 PrependPath=1 Include_test=0 

# reload environment variables
PS C:\Users\Administrator> $env:Path = [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","Machine") + ";" + [System.Environment]::GetEnvironmentVariable("Path","User") 

PS C:\Users\Administrator> python -V 
Python 3.7.4
Python : Install (GUI)
On GUI Installation, set like follows.
[2] Double Click the Installer you downloaded from the official site.
[3] Check a box [Add Python ** to PATH] to add Python Path to environment bariables.
For install option, if you select [Install Now], Python will be installed only for the current user.
On this example, we install Python for all user, so select [Customize installation].
[4] Check a box [Install for all users] and click [Install] button.
[5] After finishing installation, click [Close] button.
[6] Run PowerShell and execute [python] command to verify installation.
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