Windows 2019
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iSCSI : Configure iSCSI Initiator2019/04/10

Configure iSCSI Initiator.
This example is based on Windows Server 2019, but it's the same procedure on Windows 10.
[1] Run Server Manager and Open [Tools] - [iSCSI Initiator].
[2] Click [Yes] button to proceed. This message is shown because iSCSI service is not running by default.
[3] Input Target's Hostname or IP address on [Target] field and click [Quick Connect] button.
[4] iSCSI Target has been detected like follows, click [Done] button.
[5] Click [Connect] button.
[6] Click [Advanced] button.
[7] Check a box [Enable CHAP log on] and specify username and password on the fileds. They are the just one you set on iSCSI Target's configuration.
[8] Click [OK] button.
[9] If it's no ploblem, the status turns to [Connected] like follows. It's OK to configure iSCSI initiator settings.
[10] On the [Disk Management] tool, the iSCSI Disk has been attached like follows.
[11] To use the iSCSI Disk, turn it online and also initialize and assign drive letter to it.
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