Windows 2019
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FTP Server : FTP Client2019/09/06

Connect to the FTP server from Client Computers.
On passive mode connection, client program [ftp] command bundled in Windows 10 or Windows Server 2019 (or old versions) can not use passive mode (even if with [quote pasv]), so it needs to use other FTP Client program.
On this example, Use FileZilla.
[1] Install FileZilla and run it, then Open [File] - [Site Manager].
[2] Click [New Site] button and input information for FTP connection.
For [Host] field, input Hostname or IP address of FTP server.
For [Logon Type] filed, select [Ask for password] or other type except [Anonymous].
[3] Password is required, input it of the connected user.
[4] If you use self-signed certificate, following warning is shown because it is self-signed one. Click [OK] to proceed.
[5] Just connected to FTP site. Try to transfer files.
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