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Active Directory : Configure DC2019/02/21

Configure New DC (Domain Controler).
On CUI Configuration, Execute Commands like follows.
[1] For example, Configure new DC with Root Domain name as [].
After finishing commands, Computer will restart automatically.
Windows PowerShell
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

# set forest/domain functional level as Windows Server 2016 = [WinThreshold]
# for [-DomainNetbiosName], set any NetBIOS name
# for [-SafeModeAdministratorPassword], set any password for SafeMode
PS C:\Users\Administrator> Install-ADDSForest -DomainName "" `
-ForestMode WinThreshold `
-DomainMode WinThreshold `
-DomainNetbiosName FD3S01 `
-SafeModeAdministratorPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "P@ssw0rd01" -Force) `

The target server will be configured as a domain controller and restarted when this operation is complete.
Do you want to continue with this operation?
[Y] Yes  [A] Yes to All  [N] No  [L] No to All  [S] Suspend  [?] Help (default is "Y"): Y

Active Directory : Configure DC (GUI)
On GUI Configuration, Configure like follows.
[2] Run [Server Manager] and click [AD DS], next, on the screen below, Click [More...] link which is upper-right on the left pane.
[3] Click [Promote this server to domain...] link.
[4] Check a box [Add a new forest] and input any Domain name you'd like to set for [Root domain name] field.
[5] Select [Forest functional level] and [Domain functional level]. This example shows to select [Windows Server 2016] both. Furthermore, Set any password for Directory Services Restore Mode.
[6] Click [Next] button.
[7] Input NetBIOS name you'd like to set.
[8] Specify Database folder or Log folder and so on. It's Ok to keep default if you don't have specific requirements.
[9] Check the contents you configured and click [Next] button.
[10] Click [Install] button. After finishing it, System will restart automatically.
[11] After restarting System, logon name is changed as [Domain name][User name].
[12] It's OK if logined normally.
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