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Active Directory : Add UNIX attributes to Accounts2019/02/27

Add UNIX attributes to existing User Accounts.
User Accounts that have UNIX attributes can authenticate to UNIX/Linux Hosts that have LDAP Client role.
[1] Run [Server Manager] and click [Tools] - [Active Directory Users and Conputers], and Add a user for authentication from UNIX/Linux Hosts. Any name is OK for username, it's OK with minimum rights, it's not necessarry to join in Administrators group. On this example, proceed with [ldapusers] like follows
[2] Add UNIX attrubutes to an existing user.
Select [Advanced Features] on [View] menu on [Active Directory Users and Conputers] window.
[3] Open [Property] for a user you'd like to add UNIX attributes.
[4] Move to [Attribute Editor] tab and open [uidNumber] attribute.
[5] Input UID number that is used on Linux.
Specify uniq number which does not exist on Linux Localhost.
[6] Open [gidNumber] attribute and input GID number.
Specify uniq number which already exists on Linux Localhost, or Specify GID number which exists on Active Directory groups.
For GID number which exists on Active Directory groups, it means the GID which is added to an AD group with the same procedure on here.
[7] Open [loginShell] attribute and input the Path of Login Shell on Linux. Specify it that exists on Linux Host.
[8] Open [unixHomeDirectory] attribute and input the Path of Home Directory. It's possbile to login to Linux Host if the Path of Home Directory does not exist, If not exist, it will be created for initial login (if configured as so) or move to / (if not configured automatical mkhomedir).
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