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Configure Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC)2017/12/27

Install Windows Server HA (High Availability), Windows Server Failover Clustering (WSFC).
It needs more than 2 Nodes to configure WSFC and also they are in Active Directory Domain.
Furthermore, they need more than 2 shared storages, for Data and for Quorum.
Considering the above, this example is based on the environment like follows.
+----------------------+           |           +----------------------+
|  [      AD DS     ]  | ||  [  iSCSI Target  ]  |
|   +-----------+-----------+   |
|                      |           |           |                      |
+----------------------+           |           +----------------------+
+----------------------+           |           +----------------------+
|  [ Cluster Node#1 ]  | ||  [ Cluster Node#2 ]  |
|    +-----------+-----------+    |
|                      |                       |                      |
+----------------------+                       +----------------------+

[1] Configure all WSFC Nodes as iSCSI Initiator of the iSCSI Target.
For Initiator setting, check a box [Enable multi-path] like follows.
[2] On all WSFC Nodes, Configure Multi-path I/O, Open [Tools] - [MPIO].
[3] Move to [Discover Multi-Paths] tab and check a box [Add support for iSCSI devices] and click [Add] button.
[4] Restart Computer, Click [Yes].
[5] After restarting, make sure iSCSI support has been added.
[6] Configure WSFC. Work on a Node in WSFC Cluster from this section.
Open [Tools] - [Failover Cluster Manager].
[7] Right-Click [Failover Cluster Manager] on the left pane and select [Create Cluster].
[8] Click [Next] Button.
[9] Input Hostname or IP address in [Enter server name] field and click [Add] button. After adding all WSFC nodes, go next.
[10] It had better run testing for initial configuration. Click [Next] Button.
[11] Click [Next] Button.
[12] Click [Next] Button.
[13] Click [Next] Button.
[14] After finishing testing, results are shown. If it's OK, Click [Finish] Button.
[15] Input any Cluster name in [Cluster Name] field, for address field, Input Cluster's IP address.
[16] Click [Next] Button.
[17] Click [Finish] Button.
It's possbile to see status of Cluster on [Failover Cluster Manager] tool.
Thas's all done.
Make sure the shared storage is mounted on a Node. Also Make sure the Failover action to reboot or shutdown an active Node which mounts the shared storage.
If you'd like to shutdown all Nodes for some reason like machine maintenaces, Shutdown and Start them like the following sequence.
(1) Shutdown passive Nodes.
(2) Shutdown an Active Node.
(3) Start an Active Node. (That is just the Node which was an Active at the latest)
(4) Start Passive Nodes.
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