Windows 2016
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File Server : Object Access Audit2017/02/15

Configure Object Access Audit.
[1] Enable Object Access Audit setting first. Run [gpedit.msc] like follows.
[2] Select [Audit Policy] on the left pane like follows, click to open [Audit Object Access] on the right pane.
[3] Check boxes of attempts you'd like to audit.
[4] Confirm settings and close Group Policy Editor.
[5] Open the property of a Share you'd like to audit and move to [Auditing] tab and click [Add] button.
[6] Click [Select a principal] link.
[7] Input username or group name you'd like to add auditing and click [OK] button.
On this example shows to add "Domain Users" group.
[8] Check boxes you'd like to add auditing and click [OK] button.
[9] Confirm settings and click [OK] button if all OK.
[10] When audit target users or groups access to the Share, the action will be loged like follows.
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