Windows 2016
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Remote Desktop Service : Connect to RemoteApp2017/02/08

Connect to published RemoteApp on RDS server from Client computers.
This example is on Windows 10 pro which is not in Active Directory Domain. (but primary DNS setting is AD)
[1] Run Web Browser and access to [https://(RemoteApp published server)/RdWeb/].
Then, input username and password who is allowed to access by session collection setting.
[2] After signing-in normally, follwoing screen is shown. Click an icon you'd like to run remote program.
[3] Click [Connect] button if it's OK to connect.
[4] Just connected to RemoteApp. RemoteApp shows only application Window not whole desktop like follows.
[5] By the way, it's possible to connect to whole Desktop. Click [Connect to a remote PC] and Specify the server or screen resolution and so on.
[6] Just connected.
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