Windows 2016
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Remote Desktop Service : Connect to RemoteApp
Connect to published RemoteApp on RDS server from Client computers.
This example is on Windows 10 pro which is not in Active Directory Domain. (but primary DNS setting is AD)
[1] Run Web Browser and access to [https://(RemoteApp published server)/RdWeb/].
Then, input username and password who is allowed to access by session collection setting.
[2] After signing-in normally, follwoing screen is shown. Click an icon you'd like to run remote program.
[3] Click [Connect] button if it's OK to connect.
[4] Just connected to RemoteApp. RemoteApp shows only application Window not whole desktop like follows.
[5] By the way, it's possible to connect to whole Desktop. Click [Connect to a remote PC] and Specify the server or screen resolution and so on.
[6] Just connected.
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