Windows 2016
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Install OpenSSH
Install OpenSSH Server/Client on Windows Server.
Access to the site below and download OpenSSH. Generally on Windows 2016, choose [] to download.
[2] Extract ZIP file and move the extracted folder to any location you like. This example shows to put into [C:\Program Files\] like follows.
[3] Open [System Properties] and click [Environment Variables] button.
[4] Select [Path] in [System variables] section and click [Edit...] button.
[5] Click [New] button and add OpenSSH folder PATH you located. After adding it, Close [System Properties] window.
[6] Run [Powershell] and move to OpenSSH folder you located. Next, run a command '.\install-sshd.ps1' to install sshd service like follows. If successfully message is shown, it's OK to install.
[7] Next, Generate SSH host-key. Run a command '.\ssh-keygen.exe -A' like follows.
[8] It's OK to install sshd. Next, Open [Services] and start sshd. And also change to [Automatic] for [Startup Type] like follows.
[9] If Windows Firewall is running, add 22/TCP port to allow SSH connection like follows.
[10] For connecting from Windows Server to Linux Server, it's possible to do on Powershell or Command Prompt like follows.
[11] For connecting from Linux Server to Windows Server, it's possible to do like follows.
[root@dlp ~]#
ssh Administrator@

Administrator@'s password:
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.14393]
(c) 2016 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Administrator@FD3S C:\Users\Administrator>dir
 Volume in drive C has no label.
 Volume Serial Number is D0C2-4D06

 Directory of C:\Users\Administrator

02/08/2017  08:50 PM    <DIR>          .
02/08/2017  08:50 PM    <DIR>          ..
02/08/2017  08:50 PM    <DIR>          .ssh
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Contacts
02/08/2017  08:38 PM    <DIR>          Desktop
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Documents
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Downloads
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Favorites
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Links
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Music
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Pictures
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Saved Games
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Searches
02/08/2017  08:23 PM    <DIR>          Videos
               0 File(s)              0 bytes

              14 Dir(s)  73,804,578,816 bytes free
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