Windows 2016
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OpenSSH : Install2017/02/08

Install OpenSSH. It's possible to install Server and Client Program both.
Go to the official site belo and Download OpenSSH for Windows. On this example, download [].   ⇒
[2] Extract ZIP archive and put the folder to any Path any like.
On this example, put it on [C:\Windows\OpenSSH-Win64].
[3] Add SSH commands' PATH to Environment Variables. Open [System Properties] and click [Environment Variables] button.
[4] Select [Path] in [System variables] section and click [Edit...] button.
[5] Click [New] button and add OpenSSH folder PATH you located. After adding it, Close [System Properties] window.
[6] Run [Powershell] and move to OpenSSH folder you located. Next, run a command [.\install-sshd.ps1] to install sshd service like follows. If successfully message is shown, it's OK to install.
[7] On the Services screen, [OpenSSH SSH Server] has been added lik follows. Start it and turn to [Automatic] for [Startup Type] like follows.
[8] Back to PowerShell and move to OpenSSH installed folder, then run [.\FixHostFilePermission.ps1] like follows.
[9] If Windows firewall is running, allow 22/TCP port like follows. That's OK all for installing SSH Server.
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