Windows 2016
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Add Local User2017/02/05

Add Local Users.
[1] Run [Server Manager] and Open [Tools] - [Computer Management].
[2] Right-Click [Users] under the [Local Users and Groups] on the left pane and select [New User].
[3] Input UserName and Password for a new user and click [Create] button. Other intems are optional to set.
[4] After creating normally, New user is shown on the list like follows.
[5] If you'd like to set administrative priviledge to the new user, Right-click the user and open [Properties].
[6] Move to [Member of] tab and click [Add] button.
[7] Specify [Administrators] group like follows.
[8] Make sure [Administrators] group is added on the list and click [OK] button to finish settings.
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