Windows 2016
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Hyper-V : Create Virtual Machine(Windows)2019/03/08

Create Virtual Machine.
On this example, Create Virtual Machine with installing Windows Server 2016.
[1] Run [Server Manager] and Open [Tools] - [Hyper-V Manager].
[2] Select Hostname on the left pane and right-click it to open the menu, and then select [New] - [Virtual Machine].
[3] Click [Next] button.
[4] Input name of Virtual Machine (any name is OK).
[5] Specify generation of Virtual Machine. On this example, select [Generation 2].
[6] Assign Memory for Virtual Machine.
[7] Select Virtual Switch to use networking of Virtual Machine.
[8] Configure Virtual Hard Disk. Set parameters you like.
[9] Select installation source of GuestOS.
[10] Click [Finish] button if that's OK.
[11] Virtual machine has been just created. To start it, right-click it and select [Start].
[12] To connect the console of Virtual Machine, right-click it and select [Connect].
[13] Install GuestOS with common procedure.
[13] Installation has finished and Virtual Machine Windows Server is running now.
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