Windows 2016
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DNS Server : Add Reverse lookup Zone2017/02/07

Add Reverse lookup Zone.
[1] Run Server Manager and select [Tools] - [DNS], next right-click [Reverse lookup Zones...] to show menu on the left pane, then select [New Zone...].
[2] Click [Next] button.
[3] Check a box [Primary zone] and click [Next] button.
[4] Check a box [IPv4 Reverse lookup Zone] and click [Next] button.
[5] Input [Network ID]. The example follows is for the case
[6] Set zone-file-name and click [Next] button. It's OK to keep default for zone-file-name.
[7] Click [Next] button with keeping default.
[8] Click [Finish] button.
[9] A new zone has been created under the Reverse lookup Zone.
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