Windows 2016
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DHCP Server : Configure2017/02/15

Configure installed DHCP Server.
[1] Run Server Manager and Click [DHCP] on the left menu.
[2] Click [More...] link which is upper-right.
[3] Click [Complete DHCP configuration] link which is upper-right.
[4] Click [Next] button.
[5] Specify the credencials to authorize this DHCP Server in AD DS and click [Commit] button.
[6] After successing authorization normally, click [Close] button.
[7] Back to Server Manager and open [Tools] - [DHCP].
[8] Right-Click [IPv4] on the left pane and select [New Scope...].
[9] Click [Next] button.
[10] Input any name and decsription for this scope.
[11] Define IP address range.
[12] If you'd like to exclude specific IP address from the range set in previous section, Configure it on here.
[13] Define lease duration.
[14] Click [Next] button.
[15] Define default gateway of your network.
[16] Define domain name and DNS server of your network.
[17] Define WINS Server. It's OK to keep empty here if you don't need it.
[18] Click [Next] button.
[19] Click [Finish] button to complete configuration.
[20] New DHCP scope has beed added.
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