Windows 2016
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Active Directory : Join in Domain from Clients2017/02/07

Join in Active Directory Domain from Other Windows Clients. This example is based on Windows 10.
[1] Before setting, change to DNS settings to refer Active Directory Host.
[2] Open [System] and click [Change settings] link which is lower-right.
[3] Move to [Computer Name] tab and click [Change] button.
[4] Check a box [Domain] and input domain name and next, click [OK] button.
[5] Authentication is required, authenticate with a domain User in AD.
[6] After successing authentication, Welcome message is shown like follows. Restart the Computer once.
[7] On the logon screen after restarting Computer, click "another user" to switch Domain user to logon.
[8] Authenticate with a Domain user you added.
[9] Just Logon to Active Directory Domain.
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