Windows 2012R2
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Configure NTP Server2017/01/11

Configure NTP Server for Time Sync.
[1] Right-click Windows icon and open [run] and input "gpedit.msc" like follows.
[2] Select [Administrative template] - [System] - [Windows Time Service] [Time Providers] on the left Pane, and Open [Enable Windows NTP Server] on the right Pane.
[3] Check a box [Enabled] which is upper-left like follows.
[4] Back to [Windows Time Service] on the left Pane, and click to Open [Globa Configuration Settings].
[5] Check a box [Enabled] which is upper-left and change [AnnounceFlag] to [5] like follows. Then Close Group-Policy-Editor.
[6] Open [Server Manager] - [Tools] - [Services].
[7] Select [Windows Time] Service and click [Start the service] or [Restart the service]. Furthermore, Change [Startup type] to [Automatic] if it is not the value.
[8] If Windows Firewall is enabled, allow 123/UDP like follows.
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