Windows 2012R2
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NFS Server : Configure NFS Shared Folder2017/01/18

Configure NFS Shared Folder.
For example on here, create a shared folder which requires no authentication.
[1] Run Server Manager and Click [File and Storage Services].
[2] Select [Shares] on the left pane and click [TASKS] - [New Share...].
[3] For example, select [NFS Share - Quick] on here.
[4] For example, configure a specific folder as shared one, so check a box [Type a custom path] and input the path for specific folder you'd like to set as shared folder. (set as "NFS-Share" on this exmaple)
[5] Input local and remote share path.
[6] Specify authentication methods.
[7] Set the share permissions. Click [Add...] button.
[8] Specify the Hosts you'd like to grant access permissions like the example below.
[9] Click [Next] button.
[10] Specify permissions to control access on here.
[11] Confirm selections and it's no ploblem, Click [Create] button.
[12] After finishing creating, Click [Close] button.
[13] NFS shared folder has been just configured.
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