Windows 2012R2
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Allow ICMP Echo Reply2017/01/08

The default setting of Windows Firewall blocks ICMP, so the Server will never reply from other Hosts with ping command. If you'd like to allow ICMP, Set like follows.
[1] Open [Start] - [Tools] - [Windows Firewall with Advanced Security].
[2] Select [Inbound Rules] on the left Pane and click [New Rule] on the right Pane.
[3] Select "Custom".
[4] Select "All programs".
[5] Select "ICMPv4" on the [Protocol Type].
[6] Specify the range of network for allow ICMP.
[7] Select "Allow the connection".
[8] Select the network profiles which you allow ICMP.
[9] Input any name for [Name] field. It's OK all, your Server will reply to ping command from other Hosts.
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