Windows 2012R2
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Active Directory : Add Organizational Unit2017/01/15

Add Organizational Unit on Active Directory.
[1] Run [Server Manager] and open [Tools] - [Active Directory Users and Conputers], next, Click with right button your domain name on left tree and select [New] - [Organizational Unit].
[2] Set any name you like.
[3] A new Organizational Unit is just created.
[4] It's possible to configure hierarchical design for Organizational Unit.
[5] A new Organizational Unit "development01" is created under the OU "Hiroshima" as an example.
Deletion of Organizational Unit
[6] For Deletion of Organizational Unit, it cannot delete by default because it is protected. For unprotection, select the OU you'd like to delete and right click it and select [View] - [Detail].
[7] Right-click the OU you'd like to delete and open [Properties].
[8] Move to [Object] tab and uncheck a box [Protect object from accidental deletion], then you can delete the OU.
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