Ubuntu 24.04
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Prometheus : Visualize on Grafana2024/06/12

Web UI is included in Prometheus but it's also possible to visualize time series data on Grafana.
Install Grafana, refer to here.
It's OK to install it on any Node. (install it on Prometheus server Node on this example)
[2] Access to Grafana Dashboard and Open [Connections] - [Data Sources] on the left menu.
[3] Click [Add data source].
[4] Click [Prometheus].
[5] Enter the endpoint URL of your Prometheus server in the URL field and click the Save & Test button at the bottom of the screen.
If you have enabled authentication or HTTPS, configure the necessary settings accordingly.
If there are no problems, you will see the message [Successfully queried the prometheus API].
[6] Next, Click [Dashboard] on the left menu.
[7] Click [Create Dashboard].
[8] Click [Add visualization].
[9] Click [Prometheus].
[10] From the Metrics field, select the query for the data you want to graph.
Once you select a query, it will be graphed. To save the Dashboard, click the Save button at the top.
[11] By adding queries, it is also possible to display multiple graphs on one screen.
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