Ubuntu 24.04
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OpenLDAP : LDAP Account Manager2024/05/20

Install LDAP Account Manager to manage LDAP user accounts on Web GUI.
[3] Install LDAP Account Manager.
apt -y install ldap-account-manager
vi /etc/php/8.3/apache2/php.ini
# line 445 : set memory_limit more than 64M

memory_limit = 128M
vi /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/ldap-account-manager.conf
# line 10 : change access permission if you need

Require all granted
Require ip
systemctl reload apache2

[4] Access to [http://(your hostname or IP address)/lam/] with web browser from any Clients which are in the Network you set to allow. LDAP Account Manager Login form is shown, then click [LAM configuration] which is on upper-right to set your server's profile.
[5] Click [Edit server profiles].
[6] Login with a LAM Admin user [lam]. Default password is the same with username.
[7] Configure your LDAP server URL and Suffix.
[8] Scroll down and change default password for [lam] user. Next, Scroll up and move to [Account types] tab.
[9] Scroll down and Configure Users and Group Suffix. After setting, Click [Save] button.
[10] After saving settings, Login form is shown, login with LDAP admin user.
[11] If successfully logined, it's possible to manage LDAP user accounts on here.
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