Ubuntu 24.04
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NetData : Install2024/05/28

Install NetData to monitor System resources timely via Web browser.
[1] Install NetData.
apt -y install netdata
vi /etc/netdata/netdata.conf
# line 19 : change bind IP address if you'd like to access to NetData Web from other Hosts
bind socket to IP =

# if enable HTTPS, add following section
        ssl key = /etc/netdata/privkey.pem
        ssl certificate = /etc/netdata/fullchain.pem
        tls version = 1.3

cp /etc/letsencrypt/live/dlp.srv.world/{privkey.pem,fullchain.pem} /etc/netdata/

chown netdata /etc/netdata/*.pem
systemctl restart netdata
[2] Access to [(your server's hostname or IP address):19999/] with Web borwser on a Client in your network or from Localhost, then, NetData admin console is shown like follows and you can monitor System resources.
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