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MySQL 8.0 : Backup with mysqldump2024/06/03

For Backup and Restore MySQL Data, it's possible to run with [mysqldump].
[1] Run [mysqldump] to take dump data of MySQL.
# lock all tables and dump all data in MySQL
# during dumping data, reading is also locked, so actually impossible to use Databases

mysqldump --lock-all-tables --all-databases --events > mysql_dump.sql

# dump all data without locking but with transaction
# ensured data integrity by [--single-transaction] option

mysqldump --single-transaction --all-databases --events > mysql_dump.sql

# dump specific database

mysqldump test_database --single-transaction --events > mysql_dump.sql

[2] For restoring data from backup on another host, run like follows.
Before restoring, transfer dump data to the target host with [rsync] or [scp] and so on.
# for all dumped data, simply import a file

mysql < mysql_dump.sql

# for dumped data with specific database,
# create a empty database first with the same DB name and next, import a file

mysql test_database < mysql_dump.sql

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