Ubuntu 24.04
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Initial Settings : Vim Settings2024/04/26

Configure Vim that is more convenience than vi.
[1] Install and Configure Vim.
The example below applys to a user specific setting.
If you'd like to applly settings as the System wide, Write settings in [/etc/vim/vimrc].
You may want to select and apply each parameter according to your own preferences.
apt -y install vim
vi ~/.vimrc
" use extended feature of vim (no compatible with vi)
set nocompatible

" specify character encoding
set encoding=utf-8

" specify file encoding
set fileencodings=utf-8

" specify file formats
set fileformats=unix,dos

" take backup
" opposite is [ set nobackup ]
set backup

" specify backup directory
set backupdir=~/backup

" number of search histories
set history=50

" ignore Case
set ignorecase

" distinct Capital if you mix it in search words
set smartcase

" highlights matched words
" opposite is [ set nohlsearch ]
set hlsearch

" use incremental search
" opposite is [ set noincsearch ]
set incsearch

" show line number
" opposite is [ set nonumber ]
set number

" visualize break ( $ ) or tab ( ^I )
set list

" highlights parentheses
set showmatch

" not insert LF at the end of file
set binary noeol

" enable auto indent
" opposite is [ noautoindent ]
set autoindent

" show color display
" opposite is [ syntax off ]
syntax on

" change colors for comments if it's set [ syntax on ]
highlight Comment ctermfg=LightCyan

" wrap lines
" opposite is [ set nowrap ]
set wrap
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