Ubuntu 24.04
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InfluxDB : Visualize with Grafana2024/06/10

It's possible to visualize time series data on InfluxDB with Grafana.
[2] Access to Grafana Dashboard and Open [Connections] - [Data Sources] on the left menu.
[3] Click [Add data source].
[4] Click [InfluxDB].
[5] Input InfluxDB Server endpoint URL on [HTTP] section.
For [Auth] section, if you enabled authentication or SSL/TLS and so on, turn to On/Off for your needs.
For [Basic Auth Details] or [InfluxDB Details] section, input information for them.
After inputting required information, click [Save & Test] button, then that's OK if the message [Data source is working] is shown.
[6] Click [Dashboards] - [Create Dashboard] on the left pane.
[7] Click [Add visulalization].
[8] Click [influxdb].
[9] Select a query you'd like to visualize data on [From] or [Select] field.
If that's OK, click [Apply] button which is upper-right.
[10] To save Dashboard, click [Save Dashboard] icon.
[11] To add more queries, it's possible to put more Graphs on a Dashboard.
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