Ubuntu 24.04
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DHCP : Configure DHCP Client : Ubuntu2024/04/29

Configure DHCP Client to get IP address from DHCP Server in local network.
[1] For Ubuntu Clients, Configure like follows.
vi /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml
# enable dhcp4 and comment out static IP related settings

      dhcp4: true
      #addresses: []
      #  - to: default
      #    via:
      #    metric: 100
      #  addresses: [,]
      dhcp6: false
  version: 2

netplan apply

DHCP : Configure DHCP Client : Windows
Configure DHCP Client on Windows computer. This example is based on Windows 11.
[2] Right-click the start button and open the [Network connection], and then click the [Properties].
[3] That's OK if [IP assignment] is [DHCP]. If not, click the [Edit] button.
[4] If clicked [Edit] button on previous section, following window is shown. Select [Automatic (DHCP)] and save.
[5] Confirm the Network connection status, that's OK if IP is assigned.
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