Ubuntu 22.04
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NextCloud : Chat / Talk / Screen Share2022/09/09

It's possible to meet online with Chat, Talk, Screen Share features on NextCloud.
[1] Login to NextCloud Web with your own account and Click [Talk] icon on upper menu.
[2] Search user account you'd like to talk and Click it if found.
[3] Click [Start call] button to begin talking.
By the way, if you only use Chat feature, input messages on the lower field and push Enter key, then you can send your message without [Start call].
[4] This is the Chatting screen.
[5] To entering calling, screen turns to follows. If both clients have web camera and enable it, Camera images are shown on the screen.
[6] For example, to enable Screen Sharing, Click [Enable screesharing] icon like follows.
[7] This is the screesharing sample of terminal window.
[8] On the call partner computer, shared screen is shown normally.
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