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Ansible : AWX : Add Projects2022/09/27

This is the basic configuration for Ansible AWX to run Ansible Playbooks.
To run Playbooks on target Hosts on AWX, it needs to configure the following settings.
* Add inventories
* Add credentials
* Add projects
* Add job templates
To add projects, configure like follows.
Before it, it needs to prepare Source Control repository that Playbooks are stored.
When adding a Project, you can select Source Control Type like follows.
[Manual], [Git], [Subversion], [RedHat Insights], [Remote Archive]
[1] Login to Ansible AWX Web and click [Projects] on the left pane.
[2] Click [Add] button on the right pane.
Input basic information for project and click [Save] button to save.
[Name] :   Set any name you like
[Execution Environment] :   Specify Execution Environment when jobs are executed
To click magnifying glass icon, it's possible to select from the list below
[AWX EE (latest)], [Control Plane Execution Environment]
[Source Control Credential Type] :   Specify the source Playbooks are stored, it's possible to select the list below
[Manual], [Git], [Subversion], [RedHat Insights], [Remote Archive]
[Source Control URL] :   If you set an item except [Manual], [RedHat Insights] on [Source Control Credential Type], Specify the URL of it
[Source Control Branch/Tag/Commit] :   When checkout from repository, it's possible to specify Branch/Tag/Commit and others if you need
[Source Control Refspec] :   If you use Git, it's possible to specify Refspec if you need
[Source Control Credential] :   Specify credential to connect to [Source Control URL]
To click magnifying glass icon, it's possible to select from the list you added
For adding [Source Control Credential], refer to here of [5]

[4] After Saving credential, that's OK if following screen is shown.
[5] After adding a project, That's OK if new project is displayed and also status is [Successful].
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