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VirtualBox : Create Virtual Machines (GUI)2020/08/05

If you installed Desktop Environment, it's possible to create Virtual Machines on GUI.
This example shows to install Windows Server 2019 on GUI.
[1] Run [Applications] - [Oracle VM VirtulBox].
[2] Click [New] button on upper menu.
[3] Select the type of OS for VM.
[4] Specify amount of memory for Virtual Machine.
[5] It's the settings for disks of Virtual Machine. This example shows to select [Create a virtual hard disk now].
[6] Specify the type of Virtual hard disk. This example shows to select [VDI].
[7] Specify the type of growing for Virtual hard disk. This example shows to select [Fixed size].
[8] Specify amount of Virtual hard disk.
[9] Configuration wizard finished. For initial booting of VM, it's necessarry to install OS, so click [Settings] button to specify installation media.
[10] Select [Storage] on the left menu and click DVD icon on the right pane.
[11] Specify installation media.
[12] Back to main menu and click [Start] button to start Virtual Machine.
[13] Select a virtual optical drive included installation media you set.
[13] Virtual Machine started.
[14] Installation has finished and Virtual Machine is running.
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