Ubuntu 18.04
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Zabbix 3.0 : Initial Setup2018/06/29

This is the Initial Setup for Zabbix server.
[1] Access to the [http://(Zabbix server's hostname or IP address)/zabbix/] from a client which is in the network allowed by Zabbix server. Then, Zabbix start page is displayed, Click [Next step] to proceed.
[2] Make sure all items are [OK], then proceed to next.
[3] This is the databse settings section. Change the default setting on [User] field to [zabbix] and input DB password for it.
[4] This is the connection settings to Zabbix server. If it's local one, it's OK with keeping default. But It had better to change [Name] field to any name you like.
[5] This is the confirmation of previous settings, proceed to next if all is OK.
[6] By default setting, [/etc/zabbix] directory has been owned by [root] and permission is [755], so the admin user of Apache2 [www-data] can not create new file [/etc/zabbix/zabbix.conf.php] and following error is shown.
On this example, according to the navigation on the following screen, Download config file and put it on the Zabbix server manually. The file [/etc/zabbix/zabbix.conf.php] is OK with owner [root:root] and permission is [644].
[7] Click [Finish] to complete initial setup.
[8] This is the login page. It's possible to login with the username [admin], initial password [zabbix].
[9] Just logined. This is the index of Zabbix administration site.
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