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Create Virtual Machine#22017/04/25

If you've installed Desktop Environment, it's possible to create a Virtula machine on GUI. This example shows to install Windows Server 2016 on GUI.
[1] Install some required packages first.
apt -y install virt-manager qemu-system
[2] Start terminal and run a command 'virt-manager' with root priviledge, next click the PC-icon on the upper left on the virt-manager.
[3] Specify the installation source. This example selects local media.
[4] Select Installation media or ISO image, and specify OS type and version. On this example, Windows Server 2016 is not listed in Version choices yet, so select Windows Server 2012 R2 on it to proceed.
[5] Specify the amount of memories and number of virtual CPUs.
[6] Specify the amount of disks.
[7] Make sure the settings you selected are correct.
[8] Windows Server 2016 installer starts.
[9] Installation finished and Windows Server 2016 is running like follows.
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