Ubuntu 16.04
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Zabbix : Initial Setup2016/06/06

This is the Initial Setup for Zabbix Server.
[1] Access to the "http://(Zabbix server's hostname or IP address)/zabbix/" from a client which is in the network allowed by Zabbix server. Then, Zabbix start page is displayed, Click "Next" to proceed.
[2] Make sure all items are "OK", then proceed to next.
[3] This is the databse settings section. Change the default setting on "User" field from "root" to "zabbix" and input DB password for it. Next, click "Test Connection". If it's OK, it's possible to click "Next" to proceed.
[4] This is the connection settings to Zabbix server. If it's local one, it's OK with keeping default. But It had better to change "Name" field to any name you like.
[5] This is the confirmation of previous settings, proceed to next if all is OK.
[6] Click "Finish" to complete initial setup.
[7] This is the login page. It's possible to login with the username "admin", initial password "zabbix".
[8] Just logined. This is the index of Zabbix administration site.
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