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Configure iSCSI Initiator(Windows)2016/04/23

Configure iSCSI Initiator on Windows.
The example on here is on Windows Server 2012 R2.
( it's possible to configure on Windows 7/8/10 with the same procedure )
[1] Open [Control Panel] - [iSCSI Initiator].
[2] Click [Yes] to proceed.
[3] Input iSCSI Target Server's Hostname or IP address in [Target] section and click [Quick Connect] button.
[4] iSCSI Target Server is detected, then click [Done] button.
[5] Click [Connect] button.
[6] Click [Advanced...] button.
[7] Check a box [Enable CHAP log on] and input username and password that you set in iSCSI Target Config in [Name] and [Target Secret] fileds, next click [OK] button, then back to the screen like [6], then click [OK] button again to proceed.
[8] After sucessing authentication, the status turned to [Connected] like follows. It's OK to use iSCSI storages.
[9] Open [Computer Management], then iSCSI storage has been attached.
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