Ubuntu 11.04
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Install Ubuntu 11.04
[1] Insert a disk for installation of Ubuntu 11.04 and reboot your computer. Choose your language first and go next.
[2] Push Enter key.
[3] Select your language again.
[4] Select your country for time-zone.
[5] Select the locale.
[6] Select "No" and set it manually on the next.
[7] Select your keyboard layout.
[8] Select your keyboard layout.
[9] Set your server's hostname you'd like to set.
[10] Make sure the time-zone is correct and go next.
[11] This is the section for configure partition. This example select "Guided" like follows.
[12] Select a disk to create partitions.
[13] If it's OK all, answer "Yes".
[14] Enter the amount of disks that you'd like to set for LVM volume group.
[15] It's completed to configure partitions. If it's OK, answer "Yes".
[16] Installation of base system proceeds.
[17] Set user account. The user set on here is administration user by default.
[18] Input a user name used on the system.
[19] Set password.
[20] If you'd like to encrypt home directory, answer "Yes".
[21] Set Proxy if you use it. If not, Continue with empty.
[22] Select if you set automatical update. automatical update is convenience but sometimes it causes troubles, so if you use this server as a Mission Critical Server, Don't use automatical update, it's better to update by manually after verification.
[23] Select softwares to install. Go next without checking boxes all, it's better to install something if needed.
[24] Answer "Yes" if Grub is installed on MBR.
[25] Installation completed. Remove the disk and Continue. Then system will reboot.
[26] The system boots and show login prompt like below. Login with a user set in installation.
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