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ZABBIX - Initial Setup2011/05/22

This is the ZABBIX Initial Setup.
[1] Access to "http://(hostname or IP address)/zabbix/" and click "Next".
[2] Check a box "I agree" and go next.
[3] Make sure all are OK and go next.
[4] Change to "zabbix in "User" field and input the password. Next, click "Test Connection" and id it's "OK" like follows, go next.
[5] Input ZABBIX server's hostname and so on like follows.
[6] Make sure settings and if it's Ok all, go next.
[7] Make sure "OK" and go next.
[8] Click "Finish" to complete.
[9] This is the screen for login. Login with a user "admin" and default password is "zabbix".
[10] Just logined. Initial settings just completes.
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