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Create Virtual Machine2011/03/22

  Create Virtula Machine on VMware Player. This example shows to install Windows 7. Desktop Environment is required.

[1] Start X window system and insert install media. Next Open 'System tools' - 'VMware Player', then auto-config starts like follows.
[2] Agree license agreement.
[3] Click 'Create a New Virtual machine'.
[4] Insert installation media and go next.
[5] Input informations for Windows.
[6] Specify the name and location for Virtual Machine.
[7] Specify disk size.
[8] Click 'Cistomize Hardware' button.
[9] Change settings of Virtual Machine on here. It's possible to change number of CPUs, memory size, and so on.
[10] Click 'Finish' if it's all OK.
[11] Start Virtual Machine and run installer.
[12] Installation completed and Windows 7 is running.
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