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Subversion - Client Settings2011/06/04

This is Client Settings. For example, Install TortoiseSVN on Windows 7. .NET Framework 4 is required. Download and Install TortoiseSVN.
[1] After installation, Execute "Import" first to click a folder you'd like to set under version control like follows.
[2] Specify repository's URL like follows. [ "https://(hostname or IP address)/repos/(repository name)" ]
[3] Click "Accept Permanently", it's no ploblem, it's shown because certificates are signed by yourself.
[4] Authentication required. Login as a user you set in htpasswd.
[5] After authentication, importing starts.
[6] Execute "Cherckout" next. Create a working folder and right click "SVN Checkout" on the menu.
[7] Select repository7s URL and checkout directory and click "OK".
[8] Click OK to finish.
[9] These are Basic usage to manage version control by TortoiseSVN.

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